Taking Your Retirement Pension Soon

independent financial advisers & wealth managementTaking an income from your retirement pension and other investment schemes has become more flexible with far more options available than before.

You are no longer required to buy a conventional annuity immediately from your private pension fund, and thus locking into it for life. But this greater freedom means that organising your retirement pension may be more complex, with possibly more risk

What is most appropriate for you?

It is therefore important to gain Specialist Independent Financial  advice on how best to take an income from your pension scheme. The advisers at Trinity Wealth Management have the experience and expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Our pension service uses the following process to help you:

  1. We will meet personally with you to discuss and confirm your retirement pension plan and target income

  2. We will assess all other possible income sources so that you pay no more tax on your pension than necessary

  3. For new clients, the process includes a review of your current pension scheme and any preserved Pension schemes which you may have acquired previously.

  4. We will draw up a complete report in which we examine and compare all the pension income options open to you, with the benefits of each one, together with any disadvantages. We will also provide a pension forecast based on all your existing schemes plus the likely State pension you will receive.

  5. We report back to you personally at another meeting, at which we explain the recommendations in our report and look at the way forward for your pension plan

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