Increasing Retirement Income

independent financial advisers & wealth managementWe have various ways to help our clients achieve a pension increase. Financial and retirement income advice from Trinity Wealth Management has always been fee-based rather than commission-based (where an adviser would have sold you a product), therefore we are not restricted in the advice we can give you in this and other areas. Trinity were fee based right from the inception of the Company in 2001.

Your Pension Plan will Include addressing the following: 

  1. Where possible, ensuring that income tax is kept to the minimum when pension income is to be taken, by fully using a spouse or partner’s personal allowance and basic rate tax band. If this is addressed early enough, and whilst contributions are being made, the other partner could reduce potential higher rate tax paid on his/her pension.

  2. Using our full investment advice service as part of your pension planning. We manage substantial pension funds for many of our clients, and we look to achieve a pension increase for them by achieving maximum growth potential in the funds. For full details of our Investment services, please go to the Investments page

  3. Planning tax-efficient distribution of your pension income and wherever possible avoiding problems such as the age allowance trap. The correct arranging of income when it is coming from different sources is complex and income can be gained or lost if this is not planned properly.

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