Retirement and Pensions Advice

independent financial advisers & wealth managementWhen seeking UK pension advice it is wise to get independent advice from an adviser who will help you to identify your personal goals for that phase of your life. At Trinity Wealth Management, the first stage of any financial planning is to determine your goals, so that a plan can be implemented which will help you achieve them. This may well involve retirement and pension planning although it doesn’t necessarily mean that in planning for retirement the solution is always a pension plan!

Most advertising about retirement will typically have an image of a contented couple sitting on a beach, sipping a cocktail and relaxing. When planning for retirement this is a goal which many aspire to, but you may well have other ambitions and dreams which you would like to achieve during this time.

Building your pension fund

Although pension contributions can enjoy tax relief and should form a part of any retirement plan, it is wise to take a more holistic viewpoint when planning for retirement. Other investment vehicles should not be discounted which may be more appropriate to your tax position or risk profile. Trinity will consider all options as part of your retirement plan.

Looking to retire soon

There is a far greater choice of retirement income options as you no longer have to be locked into an annuity for life. If one of your financial goals is to retire soon, it is important to review and structure your pension investment portfolio to make sure you have the best chance of achieving your goal with the least amount of risk. 

Increase your retirement income

Through the implementation of disciplined asset management and wise financial planning, Trinity Wealth Management would look to increase your income in retirement.

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