Investment management - Ongoing

independent financial advisers & wealth managementOnce your portfolio is up and running, it is vital that it continues to be managed.

Fund managers leave, fund remits change, annual management charges can creep up, and performance can waver.

That is why Trinity Wealth Management employ a dedicated Investment Manager to monitor your funds to make sure that you are getting the best from your portfolio.

Many of our clients appreciate the benefit of our ongoing management service:

  • Jon is available on the phone to discuss your portfolio at any time.
  • Easy to understand portfolio valuations either quarterly, semi-annually or annually (based on size of fund.)
  • Personalised Asset Management updates giving up to date information on the funds selected as well as Jon's outlook for the future.
  • Easy administration for any fund switches recommended.
  • Because Trinity Wealth Management have created their own Best Funds Panel which is constantly monitored, it is not only at your review time that your funds could be moved. When a decision is made to switch a fund, all clients who hold that fund are sent a written report explaining the reasons why we are making the switch, and a simple fund switch form which requires your signature to carry out the trade.

At least once a year you will meet with your Trinity Wealth Management adviser to confirm that your goals and risk tolerance remain the same. We will continue to walk with you through the process as you look to achieve your goals, secure in the knowledge that as well as having a portfolio that is suitable to your needs, it is also being expertly looked after to make sure that your money is working hard for you.

If you would you like your existing portfolio reviewed then please give us a call or click here and complete the response form.

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