Trinity Ministries Charitable Trust

Our heart has always been to see lives changed, and one area we have always been passionate about is giving. Trinity Wealth Management sponsors our charity Trinity Ministries Charitable Trust.

Clearing Trusts
As well as facilitating Trinity’s Corporate giving, Trinity Ministries acts as a Clearing Trust for our clients' own personal giving. This involves the accounting, claiming gift aid and distribution of any gift to the Trust. This will work along the same lines as the more commonly known Sovereign and C.A.F. schemes.

Mission to charities
We have found an opportunity to help charities increase their income through allowing us to advise their top donors. When your financial planning is in order, it is easier to distinguish what is available to give away.

This benefits both the giver and the receiver. We are thrilled at the response we have received from Charities.

If you are involved in a charity, perhaps you would be interested in learning more? Please do contact us

Our Giving:
Trinity Ministries have supported many organisations and projects both home and abroad. Primarily the directors have two main passions: Evangelism and the alleviation of poverty, and these are reflected in the aims of many of these worthy causes:

Since the establishment of the Trust in 2005 the beneficiaries have included such diverse work as Christians against Poverty which does excellent work with people struggling with debt, Luton Christian Educational Trust which works with young people in Luton, the evangelistic ministry of J.John through the Philo Trust and also Joannas and Azalea which work respectively in the challenging area of prostitution in Leeds and in Luton.

Dominican Republic

Back in 2005, Jon, one of our directors visited the Dominican Republic as part of a team tasked with building houses for Haitian refugees. This was a life changing experience for Jon who has since returned to DR three more times and has also visited Haiti after the appalling earthquake in January 2010.

Being challenged to make a difference to the lives of the poor, Jon set about raising £70,000 to build a school in an incredibly impoverished village called Los Algodones. Through the generosity of many clients and friends, this task was successfully completed in 2008 and now over 110 youngsters receive an education at a fully accredited school.

Jon's last visit in 2010 coincided with the start of our latest project to build an even bigger school in another destitute area at a cost of £100,000. In August 2011 the school was opened and £73,000 had been raised. Over 300 children attend the school. The remaining funds are needed to build a library and to get the school accredited by the Dominican Government.

If you would like to read more of Jon's early trips, read his blogs on the links below

To read Jon's blog for his 2008 trip, and to add your comments, go to

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