About our Budgeting Tool

independent financial advisers & wealth managementGoal

To manage your expenditure instead of it managing you!

Spend less than you earn.

What is it for?

  • The completion of this form allows you to accurately determine your monthly expenditure

What are the benefits of this?

  • To have an understanding of where you spend your money

  • To be able to use the tool to manage where you want to spend your money going forward

  • For use as a planning tool as your circumstances change e.g. moving house

  • The monthly expenditure figure can be compared to your net monthly earnings to confirm whether you are spending beyond your means or if there is surplus income on a monthly basis

  • If there is a monthly deficit, the ‘overspend’ area/s can be identified, enabling you to, where possible, restructure your lifestyle and eliminate the deficit

  • If there is a monthly surplus, you will know what is available (in addition to existing capital) to enable you to begin to achieve your goals. These could be, for example, to ensure that they have sufficient life cover in place, sufficient income in retirement and/or sufficient funds to pay for your children’s university fees in 10 years time

  • If the available funds are not sufficient to begin to plan for all of your goals at the present time, you should decide which of the goals is of the highest priority, and which can be addressed at a later date. If, for example, you are in your 30s with a young family, your priority would be to ensure that there is sufficient life cover in place to provide for them should something happen to you. Your Retirement Planning can then be addressed at a later date when there are additional funds available

How to use the Questionnaire

  • Please refer to the ‘User Notes’ tab first

  • Please then click onto the ‘Expenditure Now’ tab and put in all the details as requested in the yellow columns, using only one column per item. Please feel free to change the title of the items as required. Once the details have been completed this information will automatically collate at the bottom of the spreadsheet and will give you an accurate picture of your situation. This enables you to make informed decisions moving forwards

What to do once the Questionnaire is completed

  • Take a good look at your total expenditure figure and the different areas that are contributing to it

  • If there is a monthly deficit, try and identify the areas that are not necessities and reduce these sufficiently to eliminate the deficit or, ideally, to create a monthly surplus

  • In order to manage your expenditure properly, it is best to write everything down that you spend on a monthly or annual basis and review this against the expenditure budget that you have set

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