Charitable Giving

independent financial advisers & wealth managementMaking decisions about how much and where to give is just as important as deciding where to invest.

We have found this to be the most satisfying and exciting area to work with our clients. This is because generosity and financial freedom are inextricably linked and giving changes lives. Many clients see charitable giving as about putting something back into the community or as the ultimate long-term investment.

You can now take advantage of Trinity's Clearing Trust for your own personal giving, which works along the lines of Dove, Sovereign and the more commonly known C.A.F.


  • Giving is a tangible way to acknowledge the benefits and success we have enjoyed in our lives.
  • Giving helps prioritise life-issues and breaks the hold of money on our lives.
  • Giving tangibly meets the needs of others.

We will work with our clients to look at the following areas before we formulate a plan for them.

  • Clients Goals
  • Tax Status
  • Net Worth
  • All tax efficient ways of giving

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