Financial Goal Setting

independent financial advisers & wealth managementThere is a wise maxim "A goal not written down is just a wish". Our experience as independent financial planning advisers, and that of our clients, underlines the important part played by financial goal setting in personal finance and the whole area of fulfilling life’s aims and dreams.

The objective of Trinity Wealth Management is to help you identify and reach your financial goals, and to do this we apply an holistic approach – "whole, complete, comprising or involving all parts" (as defined in the New Shorter Oxford Dictionary).

All the various parts of your individual life and circumstances will be a guide to responsible and practical financial goal setting.  By considering and discussing these with you, we are able to produce an individual plan with across-the-board solutions which take into account all potential consequences and implications.

Our clients find it’s really worth the time and effort to make the commitment, with our help, to reflect on where they are heading and what they actually value in their lives. Regular face to face meetings with your Trinity financial planning consultant will help determine your goals and stay focused. Our holistic approach to financial goal setting covers investment planning, retirement plan, ongoing portfolio management, inheritance tax planning, etc.

You will receive our financial planning advice and analysis in a written format, which will allow progress to be monitored, evaluated, brought up to date and finally achieved.

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