Investment Advice for your Current Investments

independent financial advisers & wealth managementMany of our clients initially come to us seeking a review of the suitability of their existing portfolio. They have found this to be an invaluable first step to gaining peace of mind with their investments.

Many of our clients have realised some of the following after Trinity Wealth Management had reviewed their portfolio:

The level of risk they were taking with their investments did not match their current risk profile.
There was little diversification.
Poorly performing funds were continuing to be held
High annual management charges were being paid, but no noticeable high returns were enjoyed.
The fund manager in charge when they had first purchased the fund had since left.

The process of reviewing your existing portfolio is as follows:

Set up a meeting with a fully qualified Trinity Wealth Management adviser.
Together, assess your investment goals and risk profile.
Trinity Wealth Management to gather all relevant information on existing portfolio.
Trinity Wealth Management to research existing funds on your behalf.
Trinity Wealth Management to compile a report including recommendations.
Trinity Wealth Management adviser to meet with you to go through report.

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