Your Existing Pension Scheme

independent financial advisers & wealth managementHow many of us know whether our pension fund will give us the retirement income we are aiming for? The situation is often complicated because we are increasingly likely to have more than one pension scheme in place as a result of changing jobs throughout our career.

In fact, whether from necessity or choice, it’s now unusual to stay 40 years with the same company - let alone receive a guaranteed comfortable retirement income along with a leaving gift on reaching pension age

It is not uncommon for new clients to come to us with a box of documents that relate to pension schemes, savings plans and investment policies they have obtained in the past. The question is often asked ‘what will this provide me with’ or, more acutely ‘Is it enough?’

Trinity Wealth Management can help by reviewing your current pension arrangements and pension funds, looking at the retirement income you would like, and advising on the best options to achieve it.

Planning the timing of your retirement is an important part of your pension scheme. We encourage and will assist you in defining your pension goals, and our pension service will guide you through the following process:

  • We will meet with you personally to discuss and determine your goals for your retirement plan
  • Your Trinity Wealth Management adviser will review all your current pension plan arrangements
  • You will receive a full report based on this research, to include:
    • A forecast of the prospective lump sum (tax free) and pension income expected to be yielded by your existing  plans at your anticipated retirement date
    • Based on your goal, observations on the suitability of each pension scheme
    • Recommendations on the most suitable options to help you achieve your objectives if you are not on track to meet your target
  •  Your adviser will go through the conclusions and advice at a further meeting with you

The appraisal of your current pension scheme/s may bring to light the following scenarios:  

  • Your pension is invested in now badly performing funds and/or in with profit funds provided by financially unsound companies
  • The investment mix is inappropriate to the level of risk that is required or is appropriate to your level of risk tolerance or capacity.
  • You have high charges on the pension fund contracts
  • Action is necessary to ensure the pension benefits are secured, in view of changes in pension legislation

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