Financial Planning and Investment Advice

independent financial advisers & wealth management

We are independent fee based financial advisors located in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We base our financial advice and investment planning on sound, reliable and ethical principles, and also have advisors in Chorleywood, Aylesbury, Twickenham and Norwich.

Our aim is to help people to take a holistic look at their lives, their goals, dreams and lifestyle. We believe this sets us apart from the majority of financial advisors.

This is achieved by implementing a tax efficient financial plan and investment strategy. Not only do our clients see results but they become free from financial burdens and the worry of money.

Why use an Independent Financial Adviser?

  • To receive independent financial advice with a transparent charging structure
  • To receive sound financial wisdom on your finances
  • To be advised by someone who has financial experience
  • Your investments can have a social impact
  • You can receive advice on how to give strategically, tax efficiently and generously

Experience has taught us that today's financial decisions have implications on your entire life. The longer range your perspective, the better your ability to make decisions. Financial planning can help free you from economic fear and enable you to look after personal resources more effectively.

We believe it is important to offer a personal service, meet with you and develop a relationship based on trust and confidentiality.

As fee based and independent financial advisors, we are qualified to address any investment and financial planning issue you may have.

Client Circumstances best served by our Services:

We believe we can add value if you fall into any of the following categories:


  • You have personal investments, cash, trustee funds or pension funds with a total value over £250,000

And / or

  • You are earning a total minimum income of £80,000+ per annum

And / or

  • You require a bespoke financial plan due to the complexity of your financial affairs, for example Estate Planning, Retirement Planning etc., and understand that typically a quality plan takes two to four days work and Trinity would charge on a time basis

And / or

  • You have the ability and desire to give in excess of £50,000 to charitable enterprises (eg through receipt of an inheritance, or sale of a business)

Our financial advice includes investment planning, retirement planning, inheritance tax planning, cash flow analysis, budgeting and ongoing income and investment management, tax efficient giving, donation to a charity, stewardship and goal setting.

We can also offer our clients the benefit of being able to use Trinity's Clearing Trust for their own personal giving to charity.

Setting goals and making plans is fundamental in all our financial planning.


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